Newtown, Connecticut

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About the Owner

Mary Ann Rudolph has been instructing students for over 40 years. She was certified by the American Riding Institute in 1989. This certification identifies riding instructors who teach in a safe, competent, and professional manner, and who possess a high degree of knowledge and integrity. She is also an alumnus of the Centered Riding Instructors Program. Sunny Brook Farm's style of riding combines hunt seat, basic dressage, and centered riding techniques to create a well balanced secure rider and horse team both on the flat and over fences. Our number one priority is safety and well being for horse and rider alike.


Managing the environmental aspects of a horse farm requires constant planning and following proper procedures designed to minimize the impact to the environment. Sunny Brook Farm works hard at ensuring the environmental aspects to horse management meets best practices as defined by recognized Connecticut State organizations. We are pleased and proud that Sunny Brook Farm has been awarded the Horse Farm of Environmental Distinction certification sponsored by the Connecticut Horse Environmental Awareness Program (HEAP). HEAP is a coalition of federal, state, and local agencies, organizations, and individuals interested in educating horse owners on Best Management Practices to protect the environment.




"Absolut On The Bar"

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"Smokey The Bear"

Our Horses

Our SBF crew makes us who we are.

Each one of our school horses are skilled, fit, kind, and just plain cute!


"Eskimo Kisses"

Historically speaking...

Sunny Brook Farm has been in continuous operation for over thirty years. Previously located in a neighboring town, we relocated to Newtown, Connecticut, in October 2000. Sunny Brook Farm has grown each year and we have enjoyed all of the riders, boarders, horses, and staff that have been a part of our history. We look forward to many more years!


"Sunny Brook's Absolut"


"Chipotle Gold"


"Make Trax"


"Penny Lane"

Sunny Brook Farm