"I have been boarding my horses at Sunny Brook Farm for more than ten years. The care and attention my horses receive is superlative, and the environment is safe, professional, and fun for kids and adult riders alike. Through the lesson program, frequent clinics, and optional competition schedule, I have grown immensely as a rider, and as a mom I know my son is getting solid basics and a lifelong love of horses in a safe and nurturing environment."

—Liz S., Westport, CT

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"Sunny Brook Farm focuses on safety first, for both horse and rider. Sunny Brook Farm provides the opportunity to learn the critical building blocks that make up Centered Balanced Riding as the foundation for any riding discipline. Sunny Brook Farm gives riders the chance to do everything from lessons, to gymkhana games to local schooling shows, to event trials, to leasing, to trail rides. Mary Ann Rudolph works magic in comforting the timid riders, challenging the confident riders, and promoting safety, fun, and good teamwork between each horse and rider combination. Mary Ann concentrates on creating balance between horse and rider. She creates a safe and positive environment for riders to learn to never give up. She provides the perfect school horses that love their jobs the challenge riders love. Mary Ann also allows for educational riding clinics and home horse shows with a respected judge who provides us with a different point of view on how we can improve our techniques. As the daughter of a horse veterinarian, I have seen countless horse barns and countless riding instructors. But my choice will always be Sunny Brook Farm and Mary Ann Rudolph. Whether it’s for a touch up lesson, a hunter pace, a gymkhana, or just a ride with a friend, Sunny Brook Farm is the place I will always go to. Whether it’s to spark a young child’s interest in horses, to advance a teenager into the show ring, or remind an adult how good it feels to be back in the saddle, Sunny Brook Farm is the one place I can highly recommend for a well-rounded riding experience. Sunny Brook Farm has the safety instruction, the attention to detail in riding instruction, the positive environment, the fun and games, and the family of riders that all make it my forever home."

​—Alyssa S., Newtown, CT

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"My daughter has been riding at Sunny Brook Farm for the past four years.  I chose this facility because the owner Mary Ann is clearly a very accomplished instructor who believes not only in teaching her students riding but about all aspects of horse care and ownership.  My 8 year old daughter not only knows how to ride, but she can also groom and tack the horse before her lesson as well as clean up her tack and care for the horse after.  Every year she loves coming not only for lessons but for summer camp and other various events that are run at the barn, which is much more of a family than a business.  She has friends of all ages and mentors that she looks up to as well.  I cannot say enough about the cleanliness and care of the facility, and Mary Ann is more than happy to create a tailored program for each rider based on their particular goals.  I would highly recommend Sunny Brook Farm for riders of all ages and abilities."

—Catherine H., Newtown, CT

Newtown, Connecticut

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"Coming back to Sunny Brook Farm as an adult after having a 10+ year break has been a great experience. My goals now as a rider are different than they were when I was younger, and Mary Ann and the instructors have been able to tailor their coaching style to accommodate that. I want to enjoy riding and not take myself too seriously, and they've found a great balance between that and giving me a challenge. Sunny Brook Farm is a safe, welcoming place with a great staff and well-demeanored horses."

- Melissa S., Brookfield, CT

"I have boarded with Mary Ann at Sunny Brook Farm since 2001 and would encourage anyone - whether a lesson rider or boarder - to come to the barn, meet Mary Ann and know that your quest for superlative teaching and barn management is now over - you have arrived at Sunny Brook Farm. Both my horse and I are British and when we both moved across the pond I worried that I would not be able to find the level of care and assistance that we had enjoyed in the UK. Now I know there is nowhere in the world I would board my horse but Sunny Brook Farm. My horse is now in his 26th year and he enjoys far better care than I could ever provide. He is turned out daily (but brought in if the weather becomes too stormy or rainy) has a comfortable stall with clean bedding and clean water and his twice-daily feeds are prepared appropriate to his age and workload. Being a large and greedy horse, he met his match with Mary Ann and he is fed more hay than even he could ever have dreamed of. He is therefore a content and relaxed horse. I also depend on Mary Ann for her expertise when injuries arise and over the years she has helped me deal with a few injuries requiring a depth of equine knowledge and experience that I do not possess - despite the fact I have been a horse owner and rider for decades."

—Glynis S., Newtown, CT