Sunny Brook Farm

Leasing with Us

If you would like to experience horse ownership, but have limited time or if you are not ready for the full expense and responsibility of ownership, Sunny Brook Farm has wonderful, talented and safe horses for lease! In addition, leasing at Sunny Brook Farm provides a rider with a horse matched to their riding level. As their riding level advances or changes, a different horse may be leased to provide the best experience possible. Trying a variety of horses is often an invaluable experience when looking to purchase a horse in the future.

Contact us for more details and pricing. 

​​​If boarding isn't the right fit...

..leasing might be right up your alley!

​​​Sunny Brook Farm's full board includes:

Daily Stall Care

Personalized Feed Program

Rotational Deworming

Full-day Turnout (weather permitting)

Natural Fly Control (for horses and grounds)

Calls to the Vet or Farrier

Assist Vet or Farrier (when necessary)

And if you're in search of your trusted steed...

We have the network, experience, and wisdom to help find the right horse for your riding level, discipline and personality!

Newtown, Connecticut

        (203) 364-0884

Lease Type Description
One-Third Two scheduled rides per week on the same horse.
One-Third *Plus Two scheduled rides including one lesson per week on the same horse.
One-Half Three scheduled rides per week on the same horse.
One-Half *Plus Three scheduled rides including one lesson per week.
Full Full time use of horse.

Boarding with Us

Sunny Brook Farm is an excellent place to board your treasured horse. The owner and staff have relationships with all of the horses and pay close attention to their individual needs. Our equine residents enjoy the comfort of bright, airy 10' x 12' matted box stalls, daily turnout on our 13 acres of pasture and paddocks, an indoor hot water wash stall and expert care.​​

Boarders receive discounted lesson and training fees individualized to meet your needs!

Sunny Brook Farm’s full board does not include veterinary costs, farrier costs, equine insurance, and supplements. 
There may also be minimal charges for prolonged or special medical needs.


                    Along with an experienced and knowledgeable staff, you will find Sunny Brook Farm's environment is: