Sunny Brook Farm, LLC

165 Brushy Hill Road

Newtown, CT 06470

Mary Ann L. Rudolph

(203) 364-0884

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Sunny Brook Farm

Newtown, Connecticut

        (203) 364-0884

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GPS and certain map websites will show some roads in our area as passable. However, there are two roads you should avoid:

  • Platts Hill Road from off of Huntingtown Road because it is unimproved and is officially closed by the town.

  • Old Town Road from off of Huntingtown Road because it does not connect through to Brushy Hill Road. 

Our driveway is very long and there are several drainage bumps designed to direct water runoff. These bumps are located near the two speed limit signs (one near the driveway entrance and one near the house at the peak of the driveway). You must drive slowly over these bumps in order to avoid bottoming out your vehicle. We ask that you please stay on the driveway and not drive on the grass. Please go slow and watch for the bumps. Following these instructions will benefit us all.​

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